Coaching Packages and Services

The actual “Path of A Warrior”; A system created by the founder Arthur Chivichyan that encompasses a unique formula of Physical, Mental, and Emotional development that evolves the average person into a force to be reckoned with. The system is part of a comprehensive curriculum that develops specific attributes, skills, and characteristics. The systems’ roots derived from years of research on ancient philosophy, military culture, martial arts, and concepts of self-mastery. This system is guaranteed to mold you into A Modern Warrior.


Training Subscription

The Elite Project is an intensive month-to-month program. The subscription will consist of lectures, physical exercises, and coaching that enhances your child’s future. The program’s explicitly designed to strengthen youths’ physicality and mental approach control of their emotions and immerse them in a Warrior Culture. The Elite Project curriculum is a hands-on, experiential learning program. The Elite Institute will educate youth in material not taught in traditional schools. With this patented formula, “The Modern Warrior System,” our youth members will have the opportunity to level up in real life! For more information, schedule a complimentary consultation with a professional coach.

The System:


  • Full Client Assessment- Assessment of physical health, strengths, abilities, A complete analysis on personality, archetype, and overall character.
  • Coaches assess mental strength and resilience through psychological and physical tests.
  • Mindset & Skills development sessions with coaches.
  • Twice a week- scheduled physical workouts with professional trainers and fighters. Training will provide members with a diverse approach to fitness and combat..
  • Once a month, all members will gather for an educational lecture by Arthur Chivichyan. Topics will vary and be centered around self-mastery and skills that impact lives.
  • Once a month, each member will meet with coaches for a private developmental coaching and accountability session.
  • One to two Community events a month.


  • Gym access during open hours
  • Monthly send outs of Physical/mental exercises which promote mental fortitude and strength and dedicates routines.
  • Accountability coaches
  • Rewards earned from healthy competition and gamification of the program’s curriculum.
  • The Elite institute members will gain access to “Whoop 4.0” a tracking technology which monitors sleep, stress levels, fitness levels and tracks their workout efficiency.
  • Body Spec Dexa Scan- The most thorough scan available to show overall fitness levels, body fat, body composition, weight, bone density and more!
  • Discount on military boot camps coordinated by Arthur Chivichyan and other professional trainers.

Price: $600
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Online Mentorship Program

The Mars Project is an exclusive online mentorship program consisting of customized transformational coaching focusing on the strategic development of the mindset and status of each individual. Coaches will use time-tested methods derived from ancient philosophy and critical thinking, which help individuals discipline, self-esteem, productivity, self-actualization, and motivation.

Members will meet with a professional coach 4x a month through zoom. They will be assessed and guided on how to improve their daily life in every facet. The program aims to help members identify their purpose strengths and attach their passion to a successful life and career. For more information, schedule a complimentary consultation with a professional coach.

Price: $500
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Performance & Mindset Coaching

The Alpha Project is specific to high-level athletes. Coaches will coach athletes in their performance, training, and mindset. Coaches are appointed to each athlete to help improve their pre/post-game routines and enhance their performance in the sport they compete.

Each athlete will be assessed and administered a customized coaching platform to help them reach the next level. Both virtual and in-person sessions are available. For more information, schedule a complimentary consultation with a professional coach.

Price: $500
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Exclusive One on One Training

Work directly with Arthur Chivichyan, the founder of The Elite Institute. This membership is offered to youth and adults—three months in length. Members will have two options to choose from.


Option #1- Private One on One coaching by Arthur Chivichyan. Everything you get in “The Elite and Mars Project” but in a private setting.

Option #2- Externship Program, for members interested in becoming leaders, coaches, trainers, or entrepreneurs themselves. Work exclusively under Arthur Chivichyan, become a Warrior!

Price: $3500
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